There are 500 million followers on Twitter. With your company reaching out, a single tweet has the potential to be seen and retweeted by a very large audience. Along with other social media platforms, Twitter can help your company reach out to your desired audience as well as rank higher in search engine results. Since signing up costs nothing, Twitter and other social media sites are a great way to drive traffic to your website and build a community with your audience.

Sabre has extensive experience integrating Twitter feeds with websites and the latest news from a website to Twitter. We can help you research, write, edit and post keyword-rich posts from relevant news articles, items of interest, or spread your company’s news. In addition, we can help reinforce your brand by designing your Twitter background and profile images. The social media specialists and web development teams at Sabre will work with your business to make your social media presence a useful online tool to drive business to your website.